After gates of olympus, starlight princess, aztec gems and sweet bonanza, a new game from Pragmatic Play that has earned the nickname ‘gacor slot’ is sugar rush. The reason is quite simple, where the slot gambling game sugar rush, which was released by Pragmatic Play 30 June 2022, provides quite easy wins and high prize payouts.

So, in slot gambling games, winning can be easier to get because there are lots of help features. So what types of assistance features are there in the online slot sugar rush game? This is something that the admin will discuss, but before that, let’s get to know the game by Pragmatic Play.

Get to Know More about Sugar Rush Online Slot

Like the little information above, sugar rush is a Pragmatic Play online gacor slot game that will be released at the end of June 2022. With a 7 x 7 reel format and an variable number of paylines, the sugar rush slot game is 90 percent similar to the gacor sweet bonanza slot because the symbols are filled with candy. in different shapes and colors.

Apart from that, the volatility is the same high type and the rtp sugar rush online slot is 96.50%. So, to get the basic win in this game, a minimum of 5 symbols of the same type must appear on the reels. This is a basic requirement for modern online slot games that have large reel formats such as sugar rushes.

Even though it is commonplace, getting at least 5 types of the same symbol in one game round is quite difficult. This is where the role of the feature comes out to make it easier for players to get the win. And without further ado, here are the gacor sugar rush slot gambling features from Pragmatic Play.

These are 6 Features in the Gacor Sugar Rush Slot Gambling Game

First, the tumble feature. When players get a win in this online gacor slot game, pay attention later that the symbol will disappear or be removed from the reels. With the empty space due to the winning combination removed, the symbols above it will later drop. And if later another win is successfully triggered, the tumble feature will be active until there are no more winning combinations. If you look back a little, the tumble feature is 100 percent similar to cascading.

Second, the scatter feature. When 3 rocket symbols appear in the reels of the online sugar rush gacor slot, the player gets a free spin. Because the rocket is a depiction of the scatter feature.

Third, the free spins feature. This is a free spins feature that will indeed come out automatically when at least 3 scatters are present on the reels.

  • 3 scatters slot gambling players get 10 free spins.
  • 4 scatter slot gambling players get 12 free spins.
  • 5 scatters slot gambling players get 15 free spins.
  • 6 scatters slot gambling players get 20 free spins.
  • 7 scatter slot gambling players get 30 free spins.

Fourth, the multiplier feature. In the gacor online slot gambling game, Sugar Rush and others, the multiplier is a facility that can double the player’s winnings.

The fifth feature is increasing multiplier. This is an evolution of the regular multiplier, as its value can expand. To trigger it later the player must get a winning streak, where the multiplier values ​​range from 2x to 128x.

Sixth, the buy spin feature. Notice that outside the scroll on the right side of the online gacor slot gambling game, Sugar Rush, there is a buy spin feature. If you want to get free spins and win multipliers instantly, just activate buy spins by paying 75x the bet.

That is a feature in the gacor sugar rush online slot game which is ready to give wins of up to 5,000x. Don’t forget to try playing it and good luck.