Of the many choices of real money betting games, it seems that only online slot games really help players settle their bets. This is clear from the various features of online slot gambling, where in one game there are at least 3 interesting features. Even though at the start of online slot games there were only a number of features, one of which was the time multiplier or simply the multiplier of wins.

From the name alone, you can immediately see that this feature can double the player’s winning prize. Let’s say the player wins 10,000 and in an online slot game there is a 2x multiplier facility, so the player wins 20,000. This is just an example, because the multiplier can sometimes appear 3x, 4x and even bigger.

On the other hand, over time the multiplier online slot game feature has developed to become even more profitable. So now there are 3 types of multipliers in online slot games apart from the original version.

This is the Result of the Development of the Multiplier Online Slot Feature

1. Wild Multipliers

This feature is the result of a combination of wild and multiplier. Why is it more profitable? Wild is a facility that can replace 99% of other symbols in online slot games and the 1% that cannot be replaced by wild is scatter. When in a payline there are 2 similar symbols, of course the player loses, because at least there must be 3 similar symbols in a payline to win slot gambling. However, when there are 2 of a kind symbols in a payline and a wild, the player wins. And with the addition of the win multiplier, the wild multipliers are clearly in the player’s favor.

2. Increasing Multipliers

For this one, the multiplier for wins usually appears during respins, where the increasing multipliers can get bigger later. When will this feature stop expanding? Increasing multipliers automatically stop increasing progressively when the player’s winning streak ends. Later the number of multipliers for this win will return to the initial value, which is usually 1x or 2x.

3. Free Spin Multipliers

From the name alone, it can be seen that this online slot gambling feature is the result of a combination of free spins and a multiplier or multiplier of wins. This popular online slot game feature will automatically activate if the player wins during the free spins. Similar to wild multipliers, however, free spins multipliers are not represented by symbols and are usually between 2x and 3x.

Slot Gambling Features Like a Win Multiplier or Multiplier

Meanwhile, in popular online slot games real money betting there is a help facility similar to a multiplier. The name is the gamble or betting feature. So first of all the gamble feature will automatically activate after the player gets a win, where later the words ‘double up’ will appear. If the player presses the button, the game screen will change drastically from the online slot game being played.

  1. Big Small
    This additional game of the gamble feature shows a card with a value of 7. The task of the player is to guess the second card has a larger or smaller number. If you win, the player’s wins are doubled.
  2. Head Tail
    This addition to the gamble feature features a coin with a dragon on the front and a tiger on the back. The task of the players is to guess which side will come out after the coin is rotated. If the image is a dragon then the Head choice wins, but if it is a tiger image then the online slot gambling player doubles his winnings by guessing Tail.

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