Discuss the Book of Golden Sands Pragmatic Play Slot Gambling Game

Like other online slot developers, Pragmatic Play continues to provide new games, even though it seems like now there are no other slot gambling providers who can change their popularity. Even in Indonesia, Pragmatic Play has always been the first top game because it often provides large jackpot wins.

But not only that, Pragmatic Play also has a lot of followers because new game updates don’t take long. At least within a month there are at least 8 new online slot games that are definitely interesting to play. An example is the book of golden sands slot gambling, which was recently released by Pragmatic Play.

Rancangan Game Slot Online Book of Golden Sands

Book of golden sands slot gambling uses a system like megaways, where the 3rd and 4th lines of 6 x 3 reels sometimes only 2 symbols appear. Because of this, the ancient Egyptian civilization theme game does not have fixed paylines. But to win in this game is still the same, that is, there are at least 3 of the same type on one payline.

The volatility or variance of the book of golden sands slot gambling is made high by Pragmatic Play, so players have to be patient enough to wait for their bet wins. But don’t worry, once you win, the payment received by the player will be satisfactory, so the waiting time will not be in vain. This is also confirmed by the RTP of 96.46% in the book of golden sands online slot game.

What are the effects of a high RTP? Simply put, a high RTP describes a game that has a large nominal winning prize. The proof is that the official online slot developer Pragmatic Play offers a maxwin of up to 10,000x placing bets in the game book of golden sands. The prizes offered in this game are very tempting.

Fitur Judi Slot Book of Golden Sands Pragmatic Play

To help players get big wins, Pragmatic Play places several beneficial features in the book of golden sands online slot game and the following information.

First there is the scatter feature, where with just 3 scatter symbols players can win 10x bonus rounds.

Secondly there is the free spins feature, where this is the bonus round that players will get when at least 3 scatters land on the gacor book of golden sands slot gambling reels. Even though there is no continuation if certain symbols appear, the bonus rounds in this game are still profitable. Because during the later bonus rounds, only symbols that pay big wins will appear on the reels.

Third, there is a wild feature which can become another symbol except the scatter. Suppose there are 2 of a kind symbols and a wild symbol in one payline, the player will win. Because the wild will complete the winning symbol combination.

Fourth, there is the expanding wilds feature, which in general functions similar to ordinary wilds. The difference is that expanding wilds will spread out on the reels to trigger another win. Please note, expanding wilds only appear during the bonus round.

Fifth, there is a buy spins feature. Also known as a buy bonus, this online slot game feature will give a bonus round directly to players without having to trigger it with a minimum of 3 scatters. However, to enjoy this advantageous feature requires paying 100x the installation.

And that’s all, maybe the information from the admin about the book of golden sands slot gambling game from Pragmatic Play. Hope this is useful and see you soon.

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Types of Features in the Gacor Sugar Rush Slot Gambling Game

After gates of olympus, starlight princess, aztec gems and sweet bonanza, a new game from Pragmatic Play that has earned the nickname ‘gacor slot’ is sugar rush. The reason is quite simple, where the slot gambling game sugar rush, which was released by Pragmatic Play 30 June 2022, provides quite easy wins and high prize payouts.

So, in slot gambling games, winning can be easier to get because there are lots of help features. So what types of assistance features are there in the online slot sugar rush game? This is something that the admin will discuss, but before that, let’s get to know the game by Pragmatic Play.

Get to Know More about Sugar Rush Online Slot

Like the little information above, sugar rush is a Pragmatic Play online gacor slot game that will be released at the end of June 2022. With a 7 x 7 reel format and an variable number of paylines, the sugar rush slot game is 90 percent similar to the gacor sweet bonanza slot because the symbols are filled with candy. in different shapes and colors.

Apart from that, the volatility is the same high type and the rtp sugar rush online slot is 96.50%. So, to get the basic win in this game, a minimum of 5 symbols of the same type must appear on the reels. This is a basic requirement for modern online slot games that have large reel formats such as sugar rushes.

Even though it is commonplace, getting at least 5 types of the same symbol in one game round is quite difficult. This is where the role of the feature comes out to make it easier for players to get the win. And without further ado, here are the gacor sugar rush slot gambling features from Pragmatic Play.

These are 6 Features in the Gacor Sugar Rush Slot Gambling Game

First, the tumble feature. When players get a win in this online gacor slot game, pay attention later that the symbol will disappear or be removed from the reels. With the empty space due to the winning combination removed, the symbols above it will later drop. And if later another win is successfully triggered, the tumble feature will be active until there are no more winning combinations. If you look back a little, the tumble feature is 100 percent similar to cascading.

Second, the scatter feature. When 3 rocket symbols appear in the reels of the online sugar rush gacor slot, the player gets a free spin. Because the rocket is a depiction of the scatter feature.

Third, the free spins feature. This is a free spins feature that will indeed come out automatically when at least 3 scatters are present on the reels.

  • 3 scatters slot gambling players get 10 free spins.
  • 4 scatter slot gambling players get 12 free spins.
  • 5 scatters slot gambling players get 15 free spins.
  • 6 scatters slot gambling players get 20 free spins.
  • 7 scatter slot gambling players get 30 free spins.

Fourth, the multiplier feature. In the gacor online slot gambling game, Sugar Rush and others, the multiplier is a facility that can double the player’s winnings.

The fifth feature is increasing multiplier. This is an evolution of the regular multiplier, as its value can expand. To trigger it later the player must get a winning streak, where the multiplier values ​​range from 2x to 128x.

Sixth, the buy spin feature. Notice that outside the scroll on the right side of the online gacor slot gambling game, Sugar Rush, there is a buy spin feature. If you want to get free spins and win multipliers instantly, just activate buy spins by paying 75x the bet.

That is a feature in the gacor sugar rush online slot game which is ready to give wins of up to 5,000x. Don’t forget to try playing it and good luck.

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Discuss The Great Icescape Slot Gambling Game from PG Soft

PG Soft is one of the most popular online gacor slot developers in Indonesia, where the most popular games are Mahjong Ways, Mahjong Ways 2, Queen of Bounty and Gem Savior Sword. You need to know that actually PG Soft has underrated games that bettors rarely pay attention to. This is the great icescape game released by PG Soft on July 1, 2019.

Why does the admin say that this online slot game is underrated? That’s because the great icescape slot gambling game can give players endless respins, which means that just one bet can trigger lots of wins. If you are curious about the gacor online slot game the great icescape, here is complete information.

Gameplay Slot Online The Great Icescape

The great icescape is a game with a background story of a little penguin trying to save his friends who are frozen in a block of ice. To help the little penguin break the ice block, players only need to win and this applies to all symbols of the slot gambling game created by PG Soft.

Meanwhile, the background sound or soundtrack arranged by PG Soft makes the gameplay of the great icescape online slot even more exciting and you get a cheerful impression when the little penguin frees his friends one by one who are trapped in a block of ice.

All About The Great Icescape Slot Gambling Game from PG Soft

1. Roll Plan

This popular online slot game has 5 reels and a variable number of paylines. Not due to any mechanism, but due to the scroll being partially blocked by the ice. If the player succeeds in destroying the blocking ice, then the paylines of the slot gambling game will increase.

2. RTP and Volatility

PG Soft provides an RTP of 96.33%, which is in the high RTP category so that the wins that players get as the game progresses are definitely big. Meanwhile in the volatility section, PG Soft set it to medium volatility. So later it will be easier for players to win and the nominal is not too small but not too big either. Just say it fits the game.

3. Bet Amount

Not much different from Mahjong Ways, Mahjong Ways 2, Queen of Bounty and Gem Savior Sword, the minimum bet in this slot gambling game is 750 rupiah and the maximum amount is 1.2 million rupiah.

4. Win Prize

So far, the great icescape online slot has paid wins of around 8,000x the bet. Meanwhile, the payout for each main symbol is as follows.

  • 5 penguin symbols payout 500:1.
  • 5 seal symbols payout 300 : 1.
  • 5 squid symbols pay out 250:1.
  • 5 fish symbols payout 200: 1.

5. Features

Don’t be surprised, the features in this online slot gambling game are very limited. Because PG Soft or Pocket Game Soft only give multipliers and respins. So don’t look for wilds, scatters or free spins in this online slot game.

However, take it easy, once you win, the player will immediately get a respin and the reels will spin again. So, if this condition is repeated in a row, the player will win a lot in just one bet. In addition, if the ice blocking the reels is no longer there then the multiplier feature will increase the player’s prize amount by 2x.

This is why the great escape online slot gambling game is able to give players big wins. Have a try and good luck.

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3 Types of Slot Gambling Win Multiplier or Multiplier Features

Of the many choices of real money betting games, it seems that only online slot games really help players settle their bets. This is clear from the various features of online slot gambling, where in one game there are at least 3 interesting features. Even though at the start of online slot games there were only a number of features, one of which was the time multiplier or simply the multiplier of wins.

From the name alone, you can immediately see that this feature can double the player’s winning prize. Let’s say the player wins 10,000 and in an online slot game there is a 2x multiplier facility, so the player wins 20,000. This is just an example, because the multiplier can sometimes appear 3x, 4x and even bigger.

On the other hand, over time the multiplier online slot game feature has developed to become even more profitable. So now there are 3 types of multipliers in online slot games apart from the original version.

This is the Result of the Development of the Multiplier Online Slot Feature

1. Wild Multipliers

This feature is the result of a combination of wild and multiplier. Why is it more profitable? Wild is a facility that can replace 99% of other symbols in online slot games and the 1% that cannot be replaced by wild is scatter. When in a payline there are 2 similar symbols, of course the player loses, because at least there must be 3 similar symbols in a payline to win slot gambling. However, when there are 2 of a kind symbols in a payline and a wild, the player wins. And with the addition of the win multiplier, the wild multipliers are clearly in the player’s favor.

2. Increasing Multipliers

For this one, the multiplier for wins usually appears during respins, where the increasing multipliers can get bigger later. When will this feature stop expanding? Increasing multipliers automatically stop increasing progressively when the player’s winning streak ends. Later the number of multipliers for this win will return to the initial value, which is usually 1x or 2x.

3. Free Spin Multipliers

From the name alone, it can be seen that this online slot gambling feature is the result of a combination of free spins and a multiplier or multiplier of wins. This popular online slot game feature will automatically activate if the player wins during the free spins. Similar to wild multipliers, however, free spins multipliers are not represented by symbols and are usually between 2x and 3x.

Slot Gambling Features Like a Win Multiplier or Multiplier

Meanwhile, in popular online slot games real money betting there is a help facility similar to a multiplier. The name is the gamble or betting feature. So first of all the gamble feature will automatically activate after the player gets a win, where later the words ‘double up’ will appear. If the player presses the button, the game screen will change drastically from the online slot game being played.

  1. Big Small
    This additional game of the gamble feature shows a card with a value of 7. The task of the player is to guess the second card has a larger or smaller number. If you win, the player’s wins are doubled.
  2. Head Tail
    This addition to the gamble feature features a coin with a dragon on the front and a tiger on the back. The task of the players is to guess which side will come out after the coin is rotated. If the image is a dragon then the Head choice wins, but if it is a tiger image then the online slot gambling player doubles his winnings by guessing Tail.

And it’s enough to get here with additional info from the admin. Thank you and see you soon.


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Gacor Gladiator Slot Jackpot Prize from Playtech

Apart from its innovations that make online slot gambling more attractive, Playtech also has advantages over other online slot providers in the jackpot network section. Playtech has many progressive jackpots that allow bettors to change their lives instantly. One example of Playtech’s progressive JP, which has a large nominal prize, is the gladiator jackpot.

How to Win and Gacor Online Slot Games with the Gladiator Jackpot

This jackpot network was raised by Playtech in 2009 in its game which had the title gane slor gacor online gladiator. Yes, the name gladiator progressive jackpot is indeed taken from the Playtech online slot game. Slightly different from other Playtech creations, the gladiator jackpot network is not serialized or one-of-a-kind. But don’t worry about the prizes, the progressive jackpot in this gacor gladiator slot gambling has seeds of 500,000 euros or if calculated in nominal rupiah it becomes around 7.5 billion.

What are seeds? This is the initial prize term that is set on the gacor slot game jackpot network. And as you may already know, the progressive jackpot prize will increase every time a player places a bet. Apart from the online gladiator slot gambling, other games that can be played to trigger this jackpot are the gacor gladiator road to rome slot.

Thus, the nominal gladiator jackpot prize will increase every time a player makes a bet on these two Playtech slot gambling games. What might be your question now is how do you get this special prize? Instead of making you even more curious, here’s the information right away

How to get a progressive JP win, of course you have to play between online gacor slots gladiator or gladiator road to rome. So, when you enter the game, the player must trigger the free spin or free spins through a combination of 3 symbols in the scatter feature. If in the free spins later the player can collect 9 golden gladiator battle helmet symbols in a row, the jackpot will be won.

Yes, in just that simple way, players can get a minimum profit of 7.5 billion from the gladiator jackpot. And as additional information, here is complete information about the two Playtech online gacor slot games with gladiator jackpot prizes.

Complete Information on Gacor Slot Games with Gladiator Jackpots

1. Gladiators

This online gacor slot was released in 2009 by Playtech and will be played using a 5 reel and 3 row format. There are 25 paylines or ways to win in this gacor online slot game and to help players win their bets, Playtech offers scatter, wild, bonus game features, free spins, multiplier and several other additional features. The RTP for this gacor online slot game is relatively low, where the value is only 91% and the volatility type is moderate. If players can’t trigger the jackpot, at least this game offers a 5,000x win.

2. Gladiators Road to Rome

This online gacor slot has been released in 2017 by Playtech and will be played using a 5 reel and 3 row format. There are 25 paylines or ways to win in this gacor online slot game. Yes, this is the same arrangement as the other game series and even Playtech also provides the exact same features. However, the RTP for this gacor online slot game is higher, where the value is only 95% and the volatility type is moderate. If players can’t trigger the jackpot, at least this game offers 30,000x wins.

So many additions from the admin and see you again.

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